Arte MLFS - About


María de la Luz was born in Montevideo on October 19th, 1979. She is the third daughter in a family of twelve. In her childhood, she discovered her will of expressing herself through art and her vocation was already clear at the age of seven. Between 1992 and 2000, she attended several workshops with different renowned art masters in Montevideo. She also studied architecture and graphic design at the university, both adding a new dimension to her art. 

At the beginning of 2012, Maria de la Luz started with a personal vernissage in which she showed her professional growth and the mastering of diverse techniques and styles, and also captures by abstract creations her skills as an artist during the path of her last ten years.

Later that year, she was invited to an art show in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil - where she was awarded a Golden Medal for her work "Sureño", and her international career began.

Today María de la Luz has her own studio where she shows her art to the general public and prepares for upcoming events.